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Aussie burger 100% Aussie beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onions and sauce $6.50
Works burger 100% Aussie beef pattie, bacon, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad and sauce $10.00
Bacon and double egg roll Bacon and double egg roll $6.50
Fish Burger Grilled fish fillet, tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce $9.50
Calamari Burger Crumbed calamari, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce $6.50
Salmon fish cake burger Home made salmon fish cake, lettuce, cheese and tartar sauce $8.00
Steak Sandwich Scotch fillet, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion and sauce $9.50
Cheese $1.00
Egg $1.00
Pineapple $1.00
Bacon $1.50
Avocado $1.50
Free range chicken burgers   PRICE
Chicken schnitzel burger Crumbed chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce, tomato whole egg mayo $8.50
Portuguese chicken burger Grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, mayo and peri peri sauce $8.50
Fat chicken burger Grilled chicken, cheese, pineapple, bacon, lettuce tomato, mayo $9.90
Flame grilled chicken burger Marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayo $8.50
Chicken wrap Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayo in a tortilla wrap optional peri peri $10.00
Double fillet chicken burger Two fillets of grilled chicken, cheese lettuce mayo optional peri peri $11.50
Vegie Burger Organic vegiepattie, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, alfalfa, & Aioli $8.00
COMBO DEAL Add chips and a can or bottle of water to your burger for $4.50
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